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Join a company of heroes and wander all over the world in Occidental Heroes (previously Adventuring League Retro RPG), a rougelike game with exploratory elements. Explore cities, visit taverns, travel through forests, scale mountains, and of course, battle loads of enemies in this fun RPG.

Create a name and coat of arms for your company before beginning a new game. Once you have a great name and coat of arms, choose from a variety of different classes to create your main character, as well as two other heroes who will begin the adventure with you.

Although in theory it's possible to play Occidental Heroes as a pacifist character, the battles are definitely one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game. But make sure to keep a close eye on your heroes during battles, as they could die at the smallest error, and there's no respawning in Occidental Heroes.

Occidental Heroes is an outstanding rougelike, with an original and fun game experience. It's practically endless selection of adventures make this game a real treat for RPG fans.
Occidental Heroes is a fantastic RPG similar to Battle Brothers

It's true that the Android ecosystem is filled to the brim with RPGs, but in reality most of them are Asian-style games. Western-style RPGs, or CRPGs as they are sometimes known, have also carved out a niche in the free-to-play world of Android, but to a much smaller degree. Fortunately, by scavenging through the Android catalog you can occasionally come across hidden gems, like Occidental Heroes, a roguelike that's reminiscent of the fantastic Battle Brothers.
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Android 4.0 or higher required

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